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My History

I am originally from Cote d’Ivoire West Africa where I grew up until I came to pursue my studies in the USA, where I currently work. My professional career is a big part of me for I take pride in my work. I have also always believed in the power of education, that’s why I never neglected my studies till now holding a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering. This helps me fuel any other work I do. But when I say education, I really mean the intellectual, spiritual and life education needed to achieve balance; one without the other is incomplete.

I have always sought to expend my learning spectrum from traveling, reading books, listening to interesting podcast, meeting various individual from all corner of life and to involve myself in activities that simply makes me take advantage of life to fullest possible.

I’ve participated in a pageant, advertisement modelling and I’ve also emceed at various fundraising events and African festivals. I also founded a nonprofit (AISAF) that inspires me to focus more on seasonal humanitarian projects instead of a full-time organization because of all the things I would still like to experience.

Recently, at the University of Wisconsin Platteville graduation ceremony 2017, I spoke as the student commencement speaker. I’ve had a few experiences that inspired me to create a site where all my work could be found. I’ve found this to be inspiring as it gives me new ideas of more work to come.

My Work

Right now, I’m focusing my energy on developing my business ideas, and undertaking more humanitarian activities that will bring a smile on the faces of orphans / less privileged kids in Ivory Coast, West Africa, every holiday. This is an endeavor that is dear to my heart and I plan to do a lot more of it using my experience and lesson learned from my nonprofit organization. All activities related to these types of projects will be posted under my Project tab on this site.

Life is good and beautiful. That is why I also want to share with you a bunch of cool ideas, my travel experiences, educational ideas, sharing perspectives from the pescatarian I am, and other life perks and tricks I’ve encountered that you might also like. These will be posted under my Blog tab.

So, follow me to receive an alert when a new post is sent and welcome to my life and project’s site!

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