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Happy Holidays!

christmas-2991508_1280.jpgWith the wave of happiness in these holidays seasons, I am pleased of the official launch of my website that took place on December 20th. I would like to wish you a happy holiday season and to give you an overview of all the upcoming exciting projects and articles coming up.

I am partnering with two different organizations in Ivory Coast, one that provides help to underprivileged kids and the other is a national award winning organization that educates the local public on subjects like career, education, immigration and more. A lot of meaningful work will be done with these two organizations. I also have a few articles where I talk about life after school and what it means to be fulfilled and successful coming up mid January.

As also promised, I will be blogging on this site about exciting travels, culinary ideas and more. I will be visiting the state of Kansas shortly and I will make sure to bring you a report on the exciting places and restaurants you might want to check the next time you are there.

So I will see you soon then, and don’t forget to click on the ‘Follow’ button to stay tuned.


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